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Last updated Nov 30th, 2018:
  • It's ice climbing season in the Canadian Rockies with tons of routes formed and 5 months of fun ahead at the world's best ice climbing area!
  • We are getting lots of bookings for our popular ice climbing courses and custom trips! Book your trip now while there is still availability!
  • Summer 2019 dates are all posted for rock climbing, glacier travel, and alpine skills courses!

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Weather - Courtesy of the grade 5 class C at Canmore's Lawrence Grassi Middle School!

Nov 29th:

Group A: "Today the temperature is -1 degree Celsius. Also today the air pressure is going up which means it is going to be a beautiful day. The wind direction is south east and the wind speed it 0 km/h. We recommend wearing a jacket that is lightly weaved and a touque."

Group B: "Today there is cirrus clouds which means a change of weather. There is 0% of rain or snow. The barometer reading is up. The wind speed is zero and the wind direction is south east. The best clothing for today is a jacket, warm pants, and a sweater. "

Nov 27th:

"Today is a little bit chilly at 8 degrees Celsius. Chance of rain or snow because we had a chinook this morning. The clouds that are coming are stratus which often means stormy weather is coming. The humidity is 89% that might mean a change of weather. The wind vane direction is S.E. and the anemometer was 28.9 km/h. This is the clothing that we recommend: a thin puffy jacket and track pants and touque."

Nov 26th:

"Today it is cloudy. There are stratus clouds forming which could mean stormy weather is on its way. Today it is a little chilly and the humidity is 85%, it is a little high. The current temperature near our school was 2 degrees Celsius. The wind speed today is 18.9 km/h. It is windy today and the wind is blowing from the N.W. As a group we predicted a chance of snow based on the clouds. The clothing we recommend is an insulated wind jacket and warm mitts and buffs also a hat that is warm."

Nov 22nd:

"Today we have stratus clouds which means there will be a change in weather. We might have a chance of snow or sleet. The air pressure today is up so that means there is some good weather continuing. This morning the wind speed is 13.2 km/h. Today when we spun the psychrometer it had a humidity of 65%. For the clothing you would wear a thin down jacket, long pants, and grippy boots."

Nov 19th:

"The weather for today. There is no precipitation falling but there is some snow on the ground. The temperature for today is a high of +1 and a low of -2. The humidity is 44% and the wind speed is 9.3 km/h! The clothing we would recommend is a warm tightly woven jacket with snow pants and a warm hat."

Nov 15th:

Student #1: "Today it is 5 degrees celcius with a small wind and no precipitation. There is cirrus and cumulonimbus clouds indicating it will probably stay the same temperature and weather all day. A windproof and waterproof jacket, with a toque, mittens, and boots would be good clothes for today."

Student #2: "Today it is cloudy outside but you could still see the sky. The type of cloud is cumulonimbus. There is no precipitation today. The temperature is 5 degrees Celsius. The humidity is 44%, Today the wind is coming from the south and the wind speed is 13.2 km/h. The clothes I predict for today is a wind coat and a vest and a toque."

Student #3: "It is cold out and there are two types of clouds. There is frost and snow on the trees. The wind is very fast and there is no precipitation."

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